Let us create a NEW product for you!


Let us tailor a new product for you!

We will do all the research, formulation and development on a product you would like to have in stock in your store.

New and unique product lines in a store can be the difference  between a thriving store and one that struggles to create a buzz.


So if your shop would like a NEW product on it shelves and you dont know who to ask, please drop us a message ad we will do our best to brings your creation to life!

We charge a ONCE OFF Flat Fee of $110 for our time and expertise. Which considering our time and knowledge is a GREAT price.

Once a Wholesale price has been allocated to the product, The MOQ for a newly created product ( and the bragging rights that it was created especially ( if not solely) for you/your business is just 10 pieces. 

This offer does not need to be part of a wholesale order and can be purchased as a stand alone item.

Send us a DM to chat further!



Soul Sense Natural Therapies




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