Age Defying Eye Cream - Pre Order for dispatch June 1st!


Our Rich, Organic Eye Cream helps to prevent damage and rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eyes.
Vitamin E - Hydrates and repairs your skin leaving it feeling full and fresh
Shea Butter - A luxurious emollient and super rich source of anti-oxidants
Aloe Vera - The active ingredient in Aloe Vera ( Gibberellin) stimulates the production of new cells
White tea Extract - Repairs sun damage and rejuvenates skin. Helps to maintain collagen and elastin in the skin
Jojoba Oil - High in Vitamins and minerals that support healthy skin
Chamomile - A potent skin soother and antioxidant, Chamomile works to relieve the skin around tired eyes - Great for bags, dark circles and wrinkles.

Due to the protective and rejuvenating qualities of our rich Eye Cream, you are never too young or too old to benefit from this power product in your skincare routine!
Applied at nigh time it is ideal for skin cell regeneration while you sleep.
Natural, Paraben and Synthetic Free, No silicates (PEGS), No mineral oils,
Organic and Cruelty Free!



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