Pain Away Gel - Great for external/muscular/arthritic aches and pains


This easily absorbed gel is all natural and is great to use on ANY body!
Non greasy Aloe Vera is quickly absorbed so the ingredients can get to work FAST. 

Ingredients such as warming Ginger, soothing Rosemary and Peppermint that packs a punch, this is a customer favourite. 

An easy to apply, non greasy Aloe Vera based gel specially formulated with a unique blend of Essential Oils. 
It is ideal for use after any physical activity or a day in the garden or simply to use on tired hands, back, neck or knees.  

This is the one people are talking about.
Its been a best seller for 3 years and going strong. 

Smells great and a small amount goes a long way too! 

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